Being Loud! My impressions expressed.


What is Star-Ness? Well I hijacked this term from my sister (sorry, sis!), we were talking about how the stars or celebrities whore themselves out for fame and money by putting their faces on everything! And I mean EVERYTHING!! So my sister says the Star-ness of these stars is sickening!!

So I decided this page would be about these over-exposed celebrities and their so called “endorsements”. As we all know, the “endorsement” itself was truly propelled by the money they were paid to do it, than the “Star” actually believing or using the product!

Anyway, if any of you know of any others please post your comment so we can enjoy!

Ok, Ellen is the first one; she is now one of the faces of Cover Girl. But, really, is her make-up artist going to give up all her high end stuff for a new batch of Cover Girl? I think not!

Check her out here:

Our next offender is Michael Phelps! OK, we know he’s riding this Olympic Wave but this is ridiculous! I think he is on over 100 products! Seriously! And one thing is for him as a celebrity to have an endorsement deal, but now even his mother Debbie Phelps is being tapped for endorsements, she has a deal with Chico’s clothing stores. Read more at:

Of course the list would not be complete (and could go on forever) without our favorite Yum-O cook, Rachael Ray! She hawks anything! Just offer her something, anything, even a year of free coffee and donuts and she’ll bite. She’s the spokesperson for Dunkin Donuts, even though she regularly goes to Starbucks! And not to mention Burger King! Come on, really? She’s supposed to be the protector of the home made quick meal; do you really think she stops by BK for a Whopper once in awhile? Not convincing, try again! I also heard she has her face on some dog food! You trying to tell me you made up the recipe for the dog food now? Come on…not to mention she has a whole magazine dedicated to Rachel Rayisms! AAAAAAH!!! Someone save me!! No post for her, just type in Rachel Ray into any search bar!

I’m going to leave it here for now. I’m worn out from just from thinking about all the products I have to avoid! I will bring you some more interesting one’s soon.



  1. Awesome post! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Since I don’t really watch commercials anymore (Thank you DVR!) I had no clue Ellen was endorsing Cover Girl. Really?! Ellen! I like her but c’mon I would not be taking any make-up lessons from her. As if Cover Girl has a lack of endorsements; I guess Queen Latifah, Drew Barrymore and Tyra Banks with her “Top Models” aren’t enough.

    Comment by Cat — October 27, 2008 @ 9:19 pm

  2. There are a few more I am going to pick on! I was just overwhelmed with all the celebs and their endorsements yesterday! There’s so many of them!

    Comment by beingloud — October 28, 2008 @ 1:12 pm

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