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November 15, 2008

All the prices in this article are cheaper that Orlando, FL

Here in Orlando, a gallon of milk costs $3.89 or up to $4 if you shop at Publix. A loaf of bread, the generic kind costs you $2, a 16 oz tub of butter costs about $2.50.  Iceberg lettuce is at $2 each, 1 pound of the small Roma tomatoes is .99 and 1 pound of Bananas is about .64, basically one banana.

So I think, technically Orlando can be considered the priciest cities, actually more than New York City itself. It has to do more with being a tourist town. Everyone thinks they will benefit from the tourist, so those of us that live here suffer the consequences.

Anyway, if you want to know what I am ranting about check out this article.


November 9, 2008

Ok, so Obama won…..

I like everyone else in this country am excited that we have a new president and that this may bring good change, but the way this country and the world are celebrating it is like our savior is born again!

C’mon people, he is just a man. That’s all. A human man with no special powers. So yeah, he’s black and he won the presidency, so what! This is the time he needs to prove to us he is more than just a color! Color doesn’t mean you’ll get the job done, it doesn’t mean you have all the answers and it surely doesn’t mean your a super being!

We need to wait and see what he is made of. We need to give him our support and step back. The country needs someone who can grab the bull by the horns and run.  Will it be Obama? Who knows? Maybe he will end up meeting all our expectations and we can re-elect him for a second term, but maybe he will end up being just another figure head of the government and not get much done. So let’s hold on to our hats here!

Let’s be happy but cautious. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We know he has big plans, but we also know lots of other presidents had big plans and that’s all they ended up with.

Hey, I’m glad to see the monkey in a suit (Bush) go to. I wouldn’t have cared if it was Howard Stern (I can’t stand the man, by the way!) who won, as long as the monkey was out of the chair! So most of us feel like we just won the lotto, but I don’t see a difference in my paycheck yet.

Relax and Release that is all we can do.

Check out the celebrations on election day here.

October 30, 2008

How our elected officials benefit from their positions

Ok, I know that everyone who is in a position of power somewhere on Earth is going to receive perks that we little people don’t.  But as I was reading this article, I was just disgusted! To think how much the Average Joe, (read to mean me) had to scrounge up to save for the down payment of a home and the closing too and then to know that these Richie Riches are getting these type of discounts! Uuuuuugh! Makes me want to throw up!!

Then the banks are “in trouble” and we have to bail them out! I say WE because it’s actually our tax money that funded this bailout and it will be our tax money and our children’s and their children’s tax money before it’s all paid up!! Unf*cking believable!! (Sorry guys just can’t bring myself to write out the word.)

Funny thing is that there have been talks about another stimulus check being doled out! Enough already!! If they would’ve taken that bailout money and given it to the American people that would have been over 100k per adult! The economy would surely have been humming like a fine tuned machine.

Read more about this here.

Big Profits for Oil Companies

How does it go again? The American Middle Class straps their belts to buy the necessities in life, while the big moguls rake in the profits. Oh yeah, that’s exactly how it goes! Here’s an example: Exxon Mobile made record profits this quarter. As a matter of fact they broke their own profit records! Well, how do they accomplish that? Easy by sticking it to us at the pumps, that’s how.

Americans have always been gas guzzlers, due mostly in part to having the ease of owning a car, usually at least 2 per household. So we have become gas hungry and the oil companies know this and they use it to their advantage to make profits. RECORD PROFITS!

Now that people are being more spend thrift and finding ways to save, especially by not going out as much, gas is getting cheaper. Why? All because of low demand.

That’s right everyone! Gas is the same as every other product; it fluctuates based on supply and demand. There have been people saying this for years, but no one was listening because we were all just into our own consumerism.

These big companies are sticking it to us and our government allows them to. Yes, it’s true! You don’t think that the Bush/Cheney clan hasn’t made record profits in their portfolio due to oil prices? Of course, they have! For that reason, there was nothing done when the prices on gas and crude oil started to sky rocket, because they saw it as a fattening of their wallets! So let’s tip our hats to our government for sticking it to us whenever times are rough. Bravo!

Take a look at the article on Exxon Mobile here.

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