Being Loud! My impressions expressed.

November 9, 2008

Ok, so Obama won…..

I like everyone else in this country am excited that we have a new president and that this may bring good change, but the way this country and the world are celebrating it is like our savior is born again!

C’mon people, he is just a man. That’s all. A human man with no special powers. So yeah, he’s black and he won the presidency, so what! This is the time he needs to prove to us he is more than just a color! Color doesn’t mean you’ll get the job done, it doesn’t mean you have all the answers and it surely doesn’t mean your a super being!

We need to wait and see what he is made of. We need to give him our support and step back. The country needs someone who can grab the bull by the horns and run.  Will it be Obama? Who knows? Maybe he will end up meeting all our expectations and we can re-elect him for a second term, but maybe he will end up being just another figure head of the government and not get much done. So let’s hold on to our hats here!

Let’s be happy but cautious. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We know he has big plans, but we also know lots of other presidents had big plans and that’s all they ended up with.

Hey, I’m glad to see the monkey in a suit (Bush) go to. I wouldn’t have cared if it was Howard Stern (I can’t stand the man, by the way!) who won, as long as the monkey was out of the chair! So most of us feel like we just won the lotto, but I don’t see a difference in my paycheck yet.

Relax and Release that is all we can do.

Check out the celebrations on election day here.


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